At frist I was like...but then I was like...

Well, there are two things I really like about the internet: memes, and you.
Not everybody has as much time as your favorite post-modernist to devote to chumming the vast seas that we call the webs. So, if you ever want to know more about memes, you can go to Know your meme, Quick meme, Urban Dictionary or Reddit...the latter being the front page of the English speaking internet. You should already have an account. (Up votes for self-smuggery)

Moving on.
I ran into this meme format when on Facebook back in 2009. A friend posted this image of Ice Cube from his time with NWA and his life there after wherein he cared an aweful lot about boat safety, apparently.

You see how it works. I though I could use to to explain a few changes I've noticed along my path...

My threshold for Graphics:

French electro:

Electing a president:

Life at the Colocation:

Yay, a beach day!

And on to the last one which is the most relevant at the moment because I live in a climate with four seasons. For ecological reasons we therefore require rain.  I've never understood people who want to express to me how disconcerting a given weather pattern is for them.
Take notes, this will be on the test:

If it's uncomfortably hot for you, or too cold--or even if there hasn't been a full day of sun for a week, trust me, we've all noticed. I can guarantee that you are adding nothing to the conversation nor anyone's comfort.
Well, go ahead and say it. You'r thinking it and silences make you awkward. I've got my lines memorized--lets waste some time agreeing with each other that we wish we could have sunshine forever without killing almost all the plants. No, wait that would mean we actually considered rain had a purpose, so let's skip that step and just rephrase each other's statements.
You'll be like, "It was hard to get out of bed today."
And I'll be like, "Yeah, I know--and the sky, it's just so, like, grey. Gawd."
You: I was just going to say that!
Me: Wow, that's crazy. We're basically thought twins!
It's camaraderie plus sadness, my favorite!
/Rant; Ahem

When people complain about the weather:

And so I leave you with some listening..
But remember, ours is a world of wonder--of beauty and ugliness compounded, refracted and recycled, of truth, love and chaos, all in equal measure. It's our only planet and our only hope--some people even break the sound barrier trying to get back to it.
Yup, we that gud.
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