Three T-Shirts and the Road to Here

I just checked the date on this milk and it turns out I haven't posted a video blog since the Hollande election back in May.
Admittedly, this post is inspired by a mastercard commercial I can't find on youtube wherein an adventurous wife drags her homesick counterpart off to China but remembers his vintage tee shirt collection...pricelessness? 
I really wish I could find the original clip. If I'm not mistaken it alluded strongly to the the abject truth that Americans tower over all Chinese people.
But seriously, you didn't see the husband's face once and he was always bumping into stuff. In the analogy, I mean, even though I did drag my husband off to a strange and exotic place, (mdr) I'm also the one who packed my own clothes...much to Seb's dismay.

Atanyrate, here is a video blog post about my favorite tee shirts, with a little bit about my life when I got them and a lot about why I love music. Oh, and one last thing--I equalized the sound for this video with laptop speakers, but it honestly sounds so much better with headphones, your choice.

 Fun fact: the junior I mention in the intro was/is a real person. He actually tried to say, "Hi," to me once, but I was blowing my noes at the time.. So, after checking behind me to see who he was really talking to, I took a quick lap around the station in search of a trash can...
At least I'm cool online.
Oh, and for the last of the last, if you want to hear more of 8-bit, you can download them HERE. 
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