Election musings

Look, I don't want to sound like a smart alec or something but we all know it can't be helped. So let me say outright that I called this election last summer.
Ok, so this isn't as big as the time Condoleezza Rice predicted the fall of Soviet Russia ten years after the Cold War ended. But seriously, dood, I knew Obama would win.
I mean, I had been reading the Fivethirtyeight way before  Nate Silver got the Colbert bump. (Largely because my ridiculously intelligent, terribly sexy and way savvy partner has been leaving its tab open on my laptop for years.)

Frankly, the campaign was handled so poorly on Romney's end that I confessed to more than one of my close Parisian friends that I suspected the election was fixed. I mean, if I didn't know better...gaffe  after gaffe after gaffe--ok, is this real?
The one and only time I was worried about a second term was right before the first debate.
I taught my students about the Electoral College and showed them that Obama had already won, based on those numbers, but that I was sure Romney's sense of entitlement would bode well for him in a debate. Obama, I said, is the professor type. He wants to walk you through it. Go slow. He won't be forced into hasty retreats or catty remarks. This was fine verses McCain because he was so angry to even have to be debating Obama that he shot his own horse and then proceeded to  beat it, post mortem.
Well, we all saw Romney's poll numbers jump after their first fracas and yet we all knew Obama would come back both fists. And so he did.

But then you've got Biden, holy damn--he's basically the best vice president anyone could hope for.
He's got that single dad sob story. The I grew up in Delaware,  pity me angle. 
I mean, be real--his condescending laugh makes Mitt's go-to face look that of a fawning mother.
Now I know you think you sorted your socks, Dear. But I truly must insist that you check again.
Biden is basically the kraken of the democratic party.
Oooooooooo, so now you're Jack Kennedy? 
Check out this Dan Quayle debate for further context.
Plus, Biden speaks without clearing it with his boss sometimes--you're welcome, the gays.  

This was an important election for the United States. It can not be said enough. The entire delegation for the state of New Hampshire is made up of women. Sure, that's cool in and of itself, but New Hampshire is also where first primaries for the presidential race are staged every election cycle. If we hold on to these seats durring the midterm, women's rights can be front and center. We can make sure of it.

Congratulations to the State of Indiana,  home of Tom Raper's amazing selection of RV's and democratic senator, Joe Donnelly.

Way to be Madison...and its environs.

Here's looking at you, Illinois

Aloha,  Hawaii.

                                                         Bref:    Nation, you done good.

Thank you, young voters--tell me that the Occupy Movement didn't impact this election. Historians will be saying so ten years from now. So remember that and use what you've learned, as many of you continue to do with Occupy Sandy.
Thank you, people of color--you are powerful and you have a voice. Let no one see us both and not see equals. No one.
Thank you, queer America, for helping us realize what side of history and civility we all want to be on.
Thank you, women of America. Without you there is no US. Plus, those bloomers are a good look on you. Susan B Anthony would be proud.

Well, now I'm worked up. Better go put some air in my tires and ride off all this joy.
Fare thee well!

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